Igalia leverages its experience in user-space networking to build solutions on the industry-standard Vector Packet Processing (VPP) open source toolkit.

VPP: Industry-backed user-space networking

The VPP open source toolkit is a feature-rich high-performance data-plane construction kit. Originally developed by Cisco and open-sourced in 2016, VPP is now a lively crossroads of hardware vendors, software vendors, and end-users.

VPP is the flagship component of the FD.io fast data-plane project. FD.io also groups together a number of related projects, such as a user-space TCP library, a bridge to NETCONF agents, and more.

Igalia and VPP

Igalia earned its user-space networking stripes in the Snabb project, starting work there in 2014. When VPP came along in 2016, Igalia followed developments closely, and later joined in development in 2017, porting some network functions over from Snabb to VPP to gain experience. Igalia continues to be involved in upstream VPP, submitting bug fixes and performing other maintenance tasks. As such, Igalia is, to our knowledge, the only development consultancy to have experience with both projects, and is uniquely positioned to appreciate VPP’s strengths and to offer advice on what solution fits for a given use-case.

Is VPP right for me?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to get our engineers’ thoughts on whether VPP is a good fit for your problem. Igalia engineers have broad experience in both VPP and the related Snabb networking toolkit, and we are happy to work in either. We also have some experience in Linux kernel networking, DPDK, and P4, so we can provide independent consultancy on where to put your efforts as well. Igalia also offers development services to create custom network functions, to make modifications to VPP and get them upstream, and perform downstream branch maintenance.