Software Defined Networking represents a big opportunity for ISPs and telecommunication companies as it allows them to customize and to extend hardware in new ways never imagined before. It also represents a big opportunity for network-appliances vendors to offer more flexibility to their customers. Igalia's networking team applies rock-solid compilers knowledge to solve novel networking problems. Snabb, a high-performance networking toolkit, is our preferred choice for building next-generation networking software.

We develop and deploy real NFV solutions built with Snabb today.

Snabb works similarly to other high-performance networking toolkits such as DPDK. It relies on kernel-bypass to squeeze the maximum performance of off-the-shell high-speed network cards, mostly Intel. Snabb is built on top of LuaJIT, an ultra-fast JIT compiler and interpreter. That allow us to develop new network-functions quickly without losing performance power.

We are longtime contributors to Snabb. Some of our work include the implementation of an IPv6-transition mechanism and the contribution of a pure-Lua packet filtering library:

  • lwAFTR. It's our largest piece of NFV software contributed to Snabb. lwAFTR is the routing technology of the lw4o6 standard (RFC 7596). lw4o6 is a brand-new IPv4-to-IPv6 transition technology that aims to substitute other technologies such as Dual-Stack or Carrier-Grade NAT. Our data-plane solution is RFC compliant and highly excels in performance.
  • Pflua. It's a high-performance packet-filtering tool similar to tcpdump. At its core, pflua is a compiler. It translates packet-filtering expressions to native Lua code, which is later run by LuaJIT. We have applied our extensive compilers knowledge to build an outstanding packet-filtering tool, which is now integrated in Snabb.

Snabb is aimed to run on commodity hardware (Xeon) powered by 10G, 25G or 100G cards. You can build a high-performance network appliance at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions. All these features make Snabb an ideal tool for Network Function Virtualization.

If you need to implement a new RFC, would like to deploy lw4o6 or you are considering extending your expensive networking equipment by adopting Snabb, Igalia has the best team to talk to.

  • IPv6
  • Snabb
  • LuaJIT
  • lwAFTR
  • Pflua

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Diego Pino 02/05/2016

Network namespaces: IPv6 connectivity

In the last post I introduced network namespaces and showed a practical example on how to share IPv4 connectivity between a network namespace and a host. Before that post, I also wrote a short tutorial on how to set up an IPv6 tunnel using Hurricane...

Diego Pino 10/04/2016

Network namespaces

Namespaces and cgroups are two of the main kernel technologies most of the new trend on software containerization (think Docker) rides on. To put it simple, cgroups are a metering and limiting mechanism, they control how much of a system resource (CPU,...

Diego Pino 15/10/2015

Multicore architectures and CPU affinity

Lately I have working in Snabb Switch as part of the networking team we have in Igalia. Snabb Switch is a kernel by-pass software switch that talks directly to 10-Gbps network cards. This allows Snabb Switch to manipulate packets are at speed rate the...

Andy Wingo 17/10/2014

ffs ssl

I just set up SSLTLS on my web site. Everything can be had via https://wingolog.org/, and things appear to work. However the process of transitioning even a simple web site to SSL is so clownshoes bad that it's amazing anyone ever does it. So...


Merge pull request #903 from Igalia/deprecate-reconfigurable-flag

Merge pull request #903 from Igalia/deprecate-reconfigurable-flag Deprecate reconfigurable flag

Jessica Tallon15/08/2017

Fix few nits with depreaction of --reconfigurable

Fix few nits with depreaction of --reconfigurable This removes the --reconfigurable flag in the bench command entirely as it's internal facing. It also improves the message in the deprecation warning in the run command.

Jessica Tallon15/08/2017

Deprecate reconfigurable flag

Deprecate reconfigurable flag This deprecates the --reconfigurable flag from all lwaftr apps. The reconfigurable / multiprocess mode is always enabled. The tests have been simplied to reflect this. A deprecation warning is shown if --reconfigurable is...

Jessica Tallon15/08/2017

Remove src/core/version.lua from .gitignore

Remove src/core/version.lua from .gitignore

Diego Pino08/08/2017

Merge pull request #882 from Igalia/876-chained-migrations

Merge pull request #882 from Igalia/876-chained-migrations Fix #876 - Improve config migration by chaining together

Jessica Tallon04/08/2017