Welcome to Igalia Maksim, Henrique and Gyuyoung!

Igalia is excited to welcome Maksim Sisov, Henrique Ferreiro and Gyuyoung Kim to our team of over 40 developers with a wide range of expertise across all open source browser frameworks (WebKit, Chromium, Firefox, Servo) and JavaScript engines (JavaScriptCore, V8, SpiderMonkey).

Maksim is a Chromium committer with experience in both networking and sensors. He is passionate about web runtimes especially because his contributions can impact millions of people.

Henrique has worked on V8, especially in the improvement of ECMAScript conformance suite. He has a PhD in parallel profiling of functional languages and his expertise in the area will be a valuable asset for generating new ideas in browser development.

Gyuyoung is a WebKit reviewer and a Chromium committer with more than 8 years of experience working across many kinds of devices (mobile, TV, desktop, etc). He has been one of the maintainers of the WebKit EFL port and was actively involved in the implementation of new HTML5 features in both WebKit and Chromium such as the network information API and the navigator content utilities.

We are very happy to have them at Igalia and look forward to their awesome work.
Welcome to Igalia and happy hacking!