We are excited to have you at Igalia

Igalia is thrilled to welcome three new Igalians: María Piñeiro, Neil Roberts and Thibault Saunier! It's a great pleasure to have them on board and we believe their contributions will strengthen both our development and management teams. 

María is a tax expert with over 20 years of experience and she is joining our management team to support Igalia's growing administrative and business needs. 

Neil has joined our graphics team. He was the main contributor to Clutter and Cogl, and he also has a wide experience in the graphics stack technologies such as Mesa and Wayland. 

Thibault is an open source enthusiast, especially interested in multimedia technologies. He is a GStreamer developer and the maintainer of Gstreamer's editing stack and integration testing infrastructure since 2012. He also enjoys developing the Pitivi video editing software in his free time.

We are very happy to have them at Igalia and look forward to their awesome work. 

Welcome to Igalia!