We are very proud to welcome Joanmarie as a new igalian joining the team of hackers in our Accessibility group.

Although many of you have probably already heard the news through Alejandro Piñeiro (API) or Joanmarie, we would like to officially announce that Igalia is once again increasing its commitment to accessibility: As of this week, Joanmarie Diggs works at Igalia!

Joanmarie currently teleworks from her home in New Hampshire, but she is planning to move to Spain in the near future.

Joanmarie has been working with persons who are blind or visually impaired as an instructor and consultant since 1996. For the last 5 years of that period, she has also been heavily involved in the GNOME Accessibility Team, developing the Orca screen reader and working directly with other igalians. As a result, her shift from spare-time involvement to full-time employment in open source accessibility is happening quite naturally.

Welcome Joanie and have a good time in Igalia!