Long week-end focuses on GStreamer, Meson and multimedia

Igalia is very excited to participate in the GStreamer Spring Hackfest 2018! Held twice a year, the GStreamer Hackfests are a place for developers to meet and hack in GStreamer and multimedia. This edition will be held in Lund, Sweden from the 4th to the 6th of May, 2018.

From Igalia, Thibault Saunier (thiblahute) and Victor Jáquez (ceyusa) will attend the event in order to work on the gst-validate testing framework, the gstreamer-vaapi hardware-accelerated video plugins, a GStreamer Video Sink using KMS (kmssink), a gst-transcoder merge, meson and (re)implementing parts of GStreamer in Rust.

We look forward to meeting people from the community and to discussing all the cool stuff the project is doing. Happy hacking!