Lorenzo Tilve

Pontevedra (Spain)

I joined Igalia in 2004 and became a partner in 2007. During these years I combined development and project management on web scenarios.

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Lorenzo Tilve 27/10/2010

Technological visit to the Nordic Countries: Stockholm

During this week, Igalia is taking part on a technological visit to Nordic IT research centers. Our purpose is to learn from them in which areas they are focusing their innovation, and study how our experience could be used to create common opportunities....


At #igalia 2012 December assembly. Yes the picture it's not of today. http://t.co/SPt3movo at 15:48 Dec 14th 2012 by Lorenzo Tilve

Lorenzo Tilve 12/11/2009

Back from JSCONF.eu 2009

After a some of rest (we slept just too little during the conferences) and catching up with the mail, I was willing to devote some time to write about my notes and feelings these days in Berlin. Just to sum up, the whole thing was just awesome! We knew a...


New blog post, published LibrePlan Audiovisual website http://t.co/RJ1yU5DD #libreplan #igalia at 12:57 Nov 22nd 2012 by Lorenzo Tilve

Lorenzo Tilve 05/11/2009

Igalia love

Some reasons in brief to love Igalia Igalia interview for Galician TV (available with english subtitles) It doesn’t mention a lot of other important things related with its highly skilled and great human group that Igalia consists of, its...


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Changeset [169154]: [GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Patch by Lorenzo Tilve ...

[GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Patch by Lorenzo Tilve on 2014-05-21 platform/gtk/TestExpectations: Report and mark new tests failing. platform/gtk/fast/css/absolute-child-with-percent-height-inside-relative-parent-expected.txt:...

Lorenzo Tilve21/05/2014

Changeset [168415]: [GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Avoid duplicated expectations and remove ...

[GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Avoid duplicated expectations and remove failure flag for fixed js/dom/basic-weakmap.html test. Patch by Lorenzo Tilve on 2014-05-07 platform/gtk/TestExpectations:

Lorenzo Tilve07/05/2014

overview: Center vertically the thumbnails grid

Adjust the CSS styles of the overview to place the thumbnails grid centered vertically on the browser window. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=726701

Lorenzo Tilve19/03/2014

Override the default background color on about:epiphany

Use the original background color on about:epiphany to fill all the page background. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=725245

Lorenzo Tilve26/02/2014