Joanmarie Diggs

New Hampshire (USA)

Accessibility Developer, working at Igalia since October 2011

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Joanmarie Diggs 23/09/2015

New in Orca 3.18: Firefox Support Rewrite and MathML

For years I had been threatening to nuke Orca’s support for Firefox (it’s the only way to be sure) and start over. This release cycle I finally made good on my threat.


I am an official WebKit Committer. #igalia at 19:50 Feb 15th 2013 by Joanmarie Diggs

Joanmarie Diggs 19/10/2012

Grace Hopper Conference Open Source Day Recap

The Saturday immediately following this year’s Grace Hopper Conference, was the second annual Grace Hopper Open Source Day, the goal of which was to get women involved in Open Source through projects with “humanitarian” aspects. The...


As of today I have been working at #igalia for one year. at 00:06 Oct 18th 2012 by Joanmarie Diggs

Igalia 19/10/2011

Joanmarie Diggs is joining Igalia!

We are very proud to welcome Joanmarie as a new igalian joining the team of hackers in our Accessibility group.


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Changeset in webkit [227158]: AX: roles-computedRoleString.html layout test should support ...

4 edits in trunk/LayoutTests AX: roles-computedRoleString.html layout test should support enabling/disabling individual test cases ​ Reviewed by Chris Fleizach. Add a "data-platform" attribute to each...

Joanmarie Diggs18/01/2018

Changeset in webkit [227151]: [GTK] AX: Two layout tests crash with error 'g_strstr_len: assertion ...

6 edits3 adds in trunk [GTK] AX: Two layout tests crash with error 'g_strstr_len: assertion 'haystack != NULL' failed' in Accessibility::UIElement::url ​ Reviewed by Chris Fleizach. Tools: Add sanity...

Joanmarie Diggs18/01/2018

Sanity-check focus events for tables after leaving typeahead search

If something else has already claimed focus, announcing the table which has already given up focus is just pointless noise.

Joanmarie Diggs16/01/2018