Adrián Pérez

Pontevedra (Spain), 1983

I knew about Igalia by some friends which were already working at the company, and I joined the team in June 2008.

Latest Updates

Adrián Pérez 18/08/2016

SnabbWall's Traffic Analyzer: L7Spy

Wow, two posts just a few days apart from each other! Today I am writing about L7Spy, the application from the SnabbWall suite used to analyze network traffic and detect which applications they belong to. SnabbWall is being developed at Igalia...

Adrián Pérez 31/07/2016

ljndpi 0.0.3 released with nDPI 1.8 support

Although I have been away from Snabb-related work for a while, the fact that nDPI 1.8 was released didn't went unnoticed. This library is an important building block for SnabbWall, the Layer-7 firewall which I am developing at Igalia with sponsorship...

Adrián Pérez 26/04/2016

Identifying Layer-7 packet flows in SnabbWall

Spring is here already, the snow has melted a while ago, and it looks like a good time to write a bit about network traffic flows, as promised in my previous post about ljndpi. Why so? Well, looking at network traffic and grouping it into logical streams...

Adrián Pérez 19/01/2016

ljndpi: The SnabbWall sidekick

Howdy, and happy 2016! Last time we met here, I wrote about SnabbWall, a suite of Snabb Switch applications implementing the machinery needed for a Layer-7 firewall using deep packet inspection, and a firewall program itself. The work I am doing in...

Adrián Pérez 30/12/2015

Introducing SnabbWall

If you have been following the blogs of my colleagues Katerina, Diego, and Andy it should not be a surprise for you to know that in Igalia we have a small —and awesome!— team working with Snabb Switch to provide novel software–mostly solutions for...


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Track usage of "this" and "arguments" in Scope

Track usage of "this" and "arguments" in Scope This adds flags in Scope to track wheter a Scope uses "this" and, "arguments". The information is exposed via Scope::uses_this(), and Scope::uses_arguments(), respectively. Flags for tracking usage on...

Adrián Pérez16/10/2014

Implement .forEach() on typed arrays

Implement .forEach() on typed arrays BUG=v8:3578 LOG=Y, Review URL: Patch from Adrian Perez de Castro . git-svn-id:...

Adrián Pérez16/10/2014

Clean up manual bit field usage in PreParserExpression

Clean up manual bit field usage in PreParserExpression Instead of using an integer value and manual bit-fiddling, use C++'s support for specifying bit sizes for integral types. This way the bits used to describe a PreParserExpression are handled by...

Adrián Pérez07/10/2014 Fix checks for libarchive

When configuring without passing --enable-triggers-only, checks for libarchive were not being done. Shuffling around the checks solves the issue.

Adrián Pérez28/08/2012

Remove unneeded Autoconf checks

Removed the checks for GIO and the C compiler. As ostbuild is Python, those are not needed.

Adrián Pérez24/08/2012