Javier Fernández

A Coruña (Spain), 1977

I have been working at Igalia since January 2003, and people usually call me JaviF (Javi Fisterra) or jfernandez.

Latest Updates

Javier Fernández 11/04/2014

New shorthand properties for CSS Grid Layout

I’ve been working for a while already on the implementation of the CSS Grid Layout standard for the WebKit and Blink web engines. It’s a complex specification, indeed, like most of them, so I enjoyed a lot decrypting all the angles behind the...

Javier Fernández 22/01/2014

Improving selection in CSS Regions

I would like to introduce in this post the main problems we have detected in the Selection implementation of two of the most important web engines, such as Blink and WebKit. I’ve already described some of these issues, particularly for CSSRegions,...

Javier Fernández 15/10/2013

CSS Regions and Selection

Back in early June, Adobe and Igalia announced a collaboration to work on the CSS Regions and CSS Shapes W3C standards. Our first challenge has been to improve the Selection use cases when using complex layout models, like CSS Regions. The CSS Regions...


Node.js + Socket.io + NoSQL for real-time BigData: http://t.co/DiJ6agKU #nodejs #bigdata #igalia at 11:30 Dec 19th 2012 by Javier Fernández

Javier Fernández 19/12/2012

Node.js + Socket.io = Real-Time IO.

The use of javascript for implementing server-side logic is not breaking news these days, but definitively Node.js is gaining relevance as one of the hottest technologies in this area. There are multiple reasons that explain this trend, but clearly one of...